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Cats Reunited
Cats Protection Inverurie in collaboration with a few other North East branches have tied together the Lost and Found registers of the numerous Cats Protection branches in the North East to provide a central information source. You can view it at
Things to do if you have lost a cat.
Search your property thoroughly.
Check sheds and outhouses close to your home.
Walk the neighbourhood, talk to everybody you come across, and leave your phone number.
Put up posters within a 3-mile radius of where your pet was lost. In shops, vets, libraries and police stations.
Offer a 'large' reward.
Visit your local rescue centre, phone Cats Protection.
Place an ad in your local newspaper.
Check the newspaper found ads every day.
Put an ad into local radio, Northsound and NECR.
Place a sticker in your car.
Consider contacting other areas. Cats can hitch lifts in cars, vans and lorries.
Advertise your loss on Internet sites such as,, and
Don't give up!
Make a Poster
  If you have lost a cat, making a poster to advertise the fact around your area sometimes brings results. You can do this by filling in our Poster form with details of your loss and this will generate a poster which you can then print off.
Things to do if you find a cat
Make sure that the cat really is lost. Ask around your neighbours, it may just be a new cat.
If you can keep the cat yourself, advertise the fact that you have found it.
Walk the neighbourhood, telling people you have found a cat.
Tell the police, local vets and the local branch of the Cats Protection and any other rescue centres in your area.
Take the cat to a local vet, to see if it is electronically tagged.
Listen to local radio to see if any one has lost a cat, if not ask local radio to put 'your' cat in their lost and found spot.
If you cannot keep the cat yourself hand it in to the police or your local branch of the Cats Protection.
Advertise your find on Internet sites such as, or
Don't give up!
Contact Cats Protection Inverurie
Phone Audrey on 01464 851438
Or contact us via our Helpline 01467 625695
It is now possible to enter details of lost cats including a photograph on our new website for Lost and Found cats. Click here
We also keep a file of cats that have unfortunately been found dead. Please contact Audrey for details on 01464 851438.

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