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Cats Protection
Inverurie & Alford
Covers an area
From Fyvie in the North
To Oldmeldrum in the East.
To Blackburn in the South.
To Alford in the West.

The Inverurie & Alford Branch is situated in the North East of Scotland.
We were founded 14 years ago and since then have found new homes for over 2000 cats and kittens.
We cover an area of approx. 200 square miles. Inverurie, Oldmeldrum, Kintore and Alford are the main towns, but most of our area is rural.
There are a number of feral colonies which we help to feed and neuter, and sometimes cats from these colonies can be re-homed to farms. Domestic cats come into our care for a number of reasons. While we would love to be able to help them all, we are limited by funds and volunteer numbers, and so have to decide which cats are in the most desperate need of our help.
Last year we re-homed 251 cats and kittens, and helped many more by issuing neutering vouchers, paying for vet treatment for stray cats and offering advice on cat care.
We have a mailing list of around 40 members, and a core team of about 15-20 volunteers who are actively involved in the front line of cat care. We are always pleased to
welcome new members.

Help Required
If you would like to help our branch to continue with its vital work, please consider making a donation, joining our 100 Club or sponsoring a cat pen. There are many ways in which you can take part, even if you live outside our area, and we would be thrilled to hear from you.
Visit our Help page to find how you can help. Please help.