Cats Protection Inverurie

CPL No. cp.13.09.10
Date Entered 13/09/2010
Sex Female Neuter
Breed Non - pedigree shorthair
Age Young Adult
Colour Gray Tortie
Description Its never nice to be overlooked again and again but that is what has happened to little Molly, a 3 year old tortie female. The cat protection charity is desperately seeking a permanent home for her as she has been with the charity for a year now. Molly lives in a foster home and it has become clear that she can be quite scared of people,is quite feisty and is very boisterous at times and yet at other times she is happy to lie beside you on the couch and snooze. All Molly wants is to be in a family, Please consider giving this little girl a home where she can spend the rest of her life doing what she loves, playing outside hunting anything that moves and eating and sleeping. She is a great mouser ! For more information, contact us on 01383 419975 or visit our website at  

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