Cats Protection Inverurie


Minnie came into my care in November 2003 – a rescue cat from an overflowing Aberdeen CP. I was told that she was a quiet, gentle girl but there lies a story.

She was a 7 year old spayed female with black short hair. She had such a sad time. Her owner an 80+ year old lady had just moved to another house and a few days later had a severe stroke and died in hospital. For a few weeks Minnie had been left in a strange house with people going in to feed her daily.

When I met her, she was terrified out of her skin – hissing, spitting and lashing out with claws. However, she had a cozy bed, good food and I had high hopes! A week later my hopes had been dashed. She wouldn't eat anything – not fresh chicken, not fresh fish and no dry biscuits for her. She was also messing everywhere in the pen. I tried every change of cat litter, every kind of food and was at my wit’s end. I’d tried rescue remedy in her food as she would’t let me near her – no go.

But another week went by and she started using her litter tray. I was in heaven. She used the dry Irish Peat Moss I use for my own cats. Instead of hiding behind her bed she was now sleeping in it. The weather by this time was very cold and she preferred the pet bed heater. I was making slow progress.


No trip to the vet yet. She appeared to be healthy but still wouldn't let me touch her. I left Panacur Palatable worming tablets beside her bed and she ate them! Glory be – she’d been wormed. I discussed her problems with the vet and he suggested trying the Feliway Spray for stressed out animals. We used the diffuser plugged into her bedroom and prayed. This was about Christmas time. By this time she was eating. The only thing she liked was Royal Canin Biscuits (complete food) that I used for my own cats and these she had all the time. A month later and a big improvement. She was sitting on her outside shelf and came to me, let me stroke her and purred. I couldn't believe it. A few days later I was allowed to gather her up, pop her in a basket and off we sailed to the vet for the first innoculation and check up – teeth were fine, first vaccination done and all was well. From then on it was a picnic!!! I cuddled her every day and by mid-February said she was ready for re-homing.

A lovely lady in her 70’s whose last cat had died came to see her. Minnie had to have a quiet home. So any way, off she sailed with Minnie plus Royal Canin biscuits etc. and a list of instructions from me. A few days later I went to see Minnie in her new home and she was brilliant. She has a lovely home and is much loved.

I don’t know if it was the Feliway although it probably helped but on meeting Minnie many would have probably said she could never be re-homed.

We should all have plenty of patience as personally I’ve never found a cat that didn't accept loving care eventually. They just need time.

I was glad I’d been able to do a little for poor Minnie after the terrible shocks she had come through.

May Christie.