Cats Protection Inverurie


She was a beautiful tortie kitten who was found in the middle of a country road, very dehydrated and rather poorly. No sign of a mother or any other kittens. She spent a few days at the vets having fluids pumped into her and once she was well enough she came to me for rest and recuperation. It wasn’t long before she was scampering around the house with the rest of the crew. She was a reluctant feeder and I had to resort to hand feeding at times to make sure she was getting enough fluids and nourishment.

The family who had found her were very keen to adopt her and eventually she was judged to be ready. The re-homing lasted three days. The family had another kitten and he took an instant dislike to this gentle little soul, chasing, biting and using bullyboy tactics. The kitten was brought back and you could almost read the body language as she settled back into her bed. Whew!! - glad to be back. The family were upset at having to part with the kitten but realised it was for the best.

A couple of weeks later, she went to be the pet of a young girl who renamed her Phoebe. At the two-week follow up, she had settled well and was much loved.

Jean Wood.