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It’s almost a year now since my wife and I decided to obtain a couple of pets. It had been a few years since we’d lost our cat and even longer since our dogs had passed on. I’d retired a couple of years earlier, had put on some weight and felt I needed a dog to get me out and about. We decided we’d get a kitten to cuddle too at the same time and raise them together. The kitten was to be a house cat like Grutzie her predecessor, but Blossom (the new kitten) had other ideas!

We collected our dog Bessie, a Border Terrier bitch, a couple of weeks or so before we got Blossom from Jean Wood at Alford. Blossom is a wee short haired tabby who Jean described as being “aloof” from the other two kittens in her foster home at that time, she played with the others for only so long before tiring of it and walking away. When we’d picked Blossom up that day and brought her home, she hadn't been fed as she’d be traveling, so was quite hungry when she arrived. We brought her into the kitchen to meet her new step sister Bessie whom she ignored, made a beeline for Bessie’s dish which she proceeded to empty. She has never lost that appetite. Bessie and Blossom have always got on very well, sharing toys, beds and food if they could get away with it. Things went very well at the beginning, then we went through several problem months which are described below.

We first came to realize there was something wrong when we found a miserable Bessie lying on the cold tiles on the kitchen floor. Blossom had used Bessie’s bed as a toilet (this occurred several times). In one funny incident, well it was funny to me at that time, was when we were all four of us in bed one morning. Bessie and Blossom were asleep, I was reading the morning paper while my wife Myra had snuggled down for her “wee half hour” snooze beside me. Suddenly there was a shriek and Myra leapt out of bed as she ripped her nightdress off. At that point I folded my newspaper and sat up waiting the next step with interest. Blossom, who’d been lying on top of my good lady had urinated through the duvet and drenched her. We were all turned out of bed while it was stripped for the wash, the duvet was binned. Blossom over the next few weeks used our bed again and a guest room bed as a toilet too. Luckily Makro had a bargain duvet line as we’d to buy another two, it was hard to see the funny side of these incidents though.

Blossom and Bessie

Blossom and Bessie sharing the THIRD duvet

Blossom’s aberrations on the toilet front included, but were not limited to:- bathroom rugs, pedestal mats, shower cubicles, planters (a couple still have chicken wire on them to this day), behind doors and the occasional corner, one left shoe, brown slip-on, size eleven. The latter was a close shave for me as I keep these old slip-ons, for dog walking, behind the utility room door and step in/out as required. Fortunately that morning the left shoe was out of alignment and needed pulling into position with my foot, in doing so I spied the “foreign bodies” rolling around in the shoe, a neat feat (no pun intended) by Blossom who got it all in the shoe with laser guided accuracy.

After a couple of months playing “find the cat poo” when you can smell it but can’t see it, it became serious cause for concern, that’s when the call went out to Jean Wood. Jean’s advice was to install a cat flap to give her freedom during the day and keep Blossom in at night confined to the rear hall and utility room with food, bed and a litter tray. IT WORKED!!! Over time we watched Blossom carefully but there was no recurrence of the earlier problems. Gradually our confidence in Blossom grew until she now has the run of the house all day but we still keep her in the rear hall/utility room when we go to bed at night. The Post-It notes saying “KEEP DOOR CLOSED” on bedroom doors for visitors’ benefit have been removed though the “KEEP DOOR OPEN” ones on doors to food, litter or cat’s beds are still in place. Blossom comes regularly for walks with Bessie and us now. She now wants more petting and attention than she ever did which is great unless you’re typing something on the computer and she leaps onto the keyboard to get her ears scratched.


When I look back she used to sit and watch us all going for walks from the kitchen window looking dejected. I think that all she wanted was to be a fully paid up member of the family and come for walks too. Perhaps there was some confusion in her head where she thought she might be a dog. Anyhow Blossom’s associate problems are now all in the past and we’ll all live happily ever after.

Martin Kidd