Cats Protection Inverurie

My early years are a bit of a blur and probably best forgotten. My resurrection began when I made my way into a garden and was found by a nice lady who passed me onto Cats Protection. I should say at this point that I had three kittens with me from my last litter, all now re-homed, and, as far as looks went I seemed to be well overdue to have another litter. Whew! Foster Mum said that I looked like I had a rugby ball stuffed up my jumper.
Well the kittens went one way and I went another, what a relief. I landed up in a nice pen with lots to eat, (no more scavenging to keep body and soul together) a heated bed, en-suite toilet, (I didn't’t like going down the pen stairs in the dark), peace and quiet and lots of TLC. My foster mum and dad were going away for a few days (his birthday or something) but the TLC and spoiling continued from their neighbour, and foster mum phoned twice a day to see if I’d had my babies.

When they came back and nothing had happened it was back to the Vet and after a lot of prodding and poking and an x-ray it was shown that I wasn't pregnant after all. Then the fun started trying to find out what was causing my hard and bloated tummy. All sorts of blood tests and samples were taken, as they were querying something nasty called Feline Infectious Peritonitis.

Fortunately it and all the other viral tests came back negative, or I might have been on a one way trip to the Great Cattery in the Sky, not to mention the follow up and testing of my last litter of kittens.
Back to the Vet I went, this time for surgery. I don’t understand all the technical details but I seem to have more intestine than I should have, my liver is a bit swollen (not the gin I assure you), and my body fat is an odd colour. The good news is that I can’t have any more babies now! Mind you the Vet reckons I’am pushing 10 and if I were human then I would be in the record books having babies at my age!

Foster Mum took me into the house as I was getting pretty bored and she was feeling the cold sitting out with me, even with her thermals and coffee. It was –16c one night! Once inside, paws under the table, I decided to settle down and make myself indispensable so that in time I might get to stay. The tactic seems to have worked and I was formally adopted on Valentines Day. I’ve got the 4 resident cats and 3 dogs knocked into shape and Mum has me on a special diet of Royal Canin, which has a high fibre content and gives my gut something to work on. I’ve lost weight and got some of my figure back. Mum is now threatening me with a “tummy tuck”. The upside of the diet is that I hardly need to get my bum washed now. I was so fat that I couldn't get round to do the necessary, and I must admit that I was quite “pongy” because of my chronic diarrhoea
I was given the name Pudsey as my arrival coincided with the BBC’s Children in Need, and Mum reckoned that I could do with plenty of bandages. I had fleas, ear-mites, a tapeworm, a blind and dirty eye and my whiskers had been cut on one side, not to mention probable pregnancy and the aforementioned chronic diarrhoea.

I now spend my days following the sun and Mum round the house, or lounging in front of the Rayburn in the kitchen, and at night I sleep in a nice cat bed in their bedroom. The duvet comes later! I haven’t ventured outside yet, but I’m keeping my hunting skills up to date with cat-nip toys.

Cats Protection worked for me and I plan to make the most of the rest of my life. THANK YOU!
Since I last put paw to paper I have been quite overwhelmed by the interest shown in my story. Thanks to every-one who got in touch with Mum. I am considering setting up a fan club and getting my own web site, but the Inverurie CP one will do meantime!

My progress has been maintained thanks to my special high fibre diet. I’ve lost that podgy barrel shape, got some definition in my leg muscles, my coat is nice and shiny and I’ve got loads of energy. I’ll never be Twiggy - I’m more of a Hattie Jacques type.

That said, now that I’ve started to venture outside, I’ve rambled round the vegetable garden, dug up the seed tatties and the onions to check how well they are growing, commiserated with the latest incumbent of the cat pen, Humphrey (what kind of a name is that?) and shown off my new skills by climbing up on the roof of a shed.
Mum nearly had kittens, and while Dad went for a ladder I shinned down the other side.
Keeps them on their toes!
I’m sleeping on their bed at night along with Poppy the Burmese and Susie the Tabby, and in the morning Hamish the Deerhound joins us when Dad gets up. During the day I rest where I can!
(PS Pudsey is a joy to have in our home. Whatever has happened to her in the past has not affected her sunny nature and even disposition. We have found that she is not keen on having her eyes cleaned, which may relate to her damaged eye and cut whiskers, and when my husband walks about wearing boots she scuttles off as if avoiding a kick, makes you think! Pudsey’s Owner)