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Cat in Washing Machine


Cat survives washing machine

A CAT who took a nap in a washing machine survived a 60-minute cycle at 40C.

The curious moggy - called Toreilles but now known as Purr-sil - had sneaked into a neighbour's house looking for a warm spot to have a snooze.

The 15-month-old tabby is now recovering at an animal hospital after escaping with minor haemorrhages to his eyes and ears and a cut tongue.

Owner Debbie Sainsbury, 44, said yesterday: "Apparently he just dropped out when the door opened. He couldn't walk but was purring and very much alive - now he's looking better every day.

"I think he definitely lost one his nine lives - he's a very lucky cat."

Education officer Debbie and her children Fleur, 10, and Kit, eight, feared the worst when Toreilles suddenly vanished. But two days later they saw a sign saying a young cat had been found in a house 400 yards from their home in Horfield, Bristol, and taken to Vale Vets Animal Hospital.

Vet Sheelagh Houlden said: "He was in considerably good shape considering what he had been through. He was fairly lucky to be alive."

Overjoyed Kit said: "I was so pleased to have him back. He has really bad bloodshot eyes and was really traumatised.

"The vet at the hospital said maybe he can come home next week."