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Allergy Free GM cats


British Blue Shorthair

A California company is exploiting the latest in biotechnology to create cats genetically engineered to be nearly free from the allergy-causing proteins that plague millions of people.

Allerca Inc president Simon Brodie said by 2007 the company will use RNA interference to “silence” a gene in cats that produces the irritant, which is excreted through saliva and the skin.

Scientists researching everything from cancer to crops are using RNA interference to silence genes to create drugs, gene-searching tools and even a new way of decaffeinating coffee.

Now Brodie hopes to bring that same promise to the cat world and eliminate the need for allergic cat lovers to receive symptom-reducing shots while encouraging others put off by the allergy to buy a pet for the first time.

The Los Angeles company is now accepting £190 deposits for the British Short Hair breed of cats it plans to sell for £1,900 in the US and £5,400 in Japan.

Brodie said he hoped to ultimately sell about 200,000 of the genetically engineered cats a year. The company has yet to engineer any cats, which will be spayed and neutered to prevent breeding with naturally born felines.