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Keep your cat safe

Some news stories that have been reported in the past month (October 2004).

Smoky the cat is patched up in Cambridge after suffering 22 shotgun wounds

Jess got shot in the eye by an airgun pellet in Rochdale
Cat 'serial killer' in West Sussex.
Pet owners in West Sussex say they are living in fear amid reports that 19 cats have been killed and mutilated after being snatched. Sussex Police say they are taking seriously reports that 19 cats, along with four rabbits and a fox, have been found dead in 10 months.
Smokey had to have her leg amputated after airgun attack in Houghton Regis

Oscar the tabby had a lucky escape when he was shot in the leg by a mystery sniper this weekend the third cat from Totteridge to be shot this year.
One-year-old Oscar had his leg shattered on Saturday when he was shot by an air rifle in the Underwood Road area
A few simple steps can help keep cats safe

In light of the recent horrific attacks on cats on the South coast, Cats Protection is urging cat owners to consider taking the following sensible steps to help keep our pets safe:

1. Keep cats in during hours of darkness

Sadly, most cats get injured or killed during the night when there is the increased threat of road accidents, theft and also physical attacks, similar to those recently reported. Keeping cats in during hours of darkness helps to keep them safe.

2. Ensure cats are neutered and microchipped

Neutered cats are less likely to wander off for days at a time, get lost and get into fights. Most cats involved in RTA’s are unneutered toms. Neutered felines make happier, healthier pets.
Microchipping offers cats a safe and permanent method of identification and increases the chances of a lost or injured feline being safely and quickly reunited with its owner. It is important that owners’ contact details are kept up-to-date on the relevant microchip database.

3. Encourage cats to stay close to home

If a cat is content within his own environment, he is more likely to stay within his own home and garden. A garden design which takes a cat’s needs into account will result in a happier pet, happier homeowner and happier neighbours. Cats Protection’s leaflet, ‘Cats and Gardens’, provides practical ideas for creating a cat-friendly garden, plus information on a variety of humane deterrents to help keep unwanted feline visitors out of gardens.

4. Remain vigilant to possible acts of cruelty

If an act of cruelty against a cat is witnessed, inform the police and the RSPCA in England and Wales, or SSPCA in Scotland as soon as possible and, if possible, try to get veterinary assistance for the animal quickly.