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Cats Protection opens the UK’s largest Cat Adoption Centre at its new National Cat Centre

The UK’s unwanted and stray cats got a big helping hand on Saturday, 18 September, with the opening of the country’s biggest Cat Adoption Centre by leading UK feline welfare charity, Cats Protection, at its new National Cat Centre (NCC), situated north of Haywards Heath, in Sussex.

With facilities to rescue, rehabilitate and rehome around 3,500 cats a year, Cats Protection’s flagship Cat Adoption Centre addresses the considerable demand for feline rescue and rehoming services.

Even though the cat is the UK’s favourite pet, many pet owners are unable to keep their cat throughout its lifetime. This is due to a growing feline population that is living longer, coupled with the fact people’s personal circumstances are changing faster than ever.

Research has found that over 30% of all British cats are on their second or third homes with over 2.5 million cats living with more than one family during their lifetime.

The charity currently finds loving homes for around 60,000 cats a year - more than any other animal welfare charity. But, for every two cats currently in Cats Protection’s care, there’s another one waiting to come in.

Helen Ralston, Chief Executive at Cats Protection, said, “The new NCC is the biggest investment ever in the future of feline welfare in the UK - and represents a sound springboard to the future for Cats Protection’s work. The opening is a great step forward for feline rescue and rehoming work.”

For the first time, all facets of the charity’s activities have come together on one site, to provide an accessible national resource to cat lovers everywhere - and a better deal for the country’s cats.

The NCC’s flagship Cat Adoption Centre has an onsite veterinary facility, ensuring cats coming into its care get the treatment and rehabilitation they need to help them find loving homes. A central administrative function will ensure the organisation’s large regional network will receive the operational and technical support they require to help more cats in need. The charity’s sizeable neutering programme, along with Cats Protection’s information services, will also be co-ordinated from the NCC.

The Cat Adoption Centre
At the very heart of the NCC is the Cat Adoption Centre. A 202-pen state-of-the-art rehoming facility designed solely with feline welfare in mind
We want to minimise the stress felt by rescue cats in care, that’s why our new Adoption Centre includes some special features to ensure a comfortable stay:

  • Underfloor heating keeps every cat warm in its cosy cabin.
  • Each cabin is individually ventilated, reducing the risk of airborne disease.
  • Every cabin has a fun play area, including toys, ramps and shelves to keep the resident cat entertained.
The facility is one of the largest of its kind in the UK, with separate wings for admissions, rehoming, isolation and maternity.

Cat Adoption Centre

The veterinary centre

Providing on-site veterinary attention for all new admissions and resident felines, this facility will go a long way to furthering the health and well being of CP rescue cats.

The veterinary centre will house two operating theatres, a prep room, an isolation ward, a recovery room and x-ray and dental facilities. Here, all cats coming into our care will be examined, and then vaccinated, neutered, microchipped and treated as necessary.

The on-site facility will be a great advantage to the cats, removing the stress-factor of transportation to an off-site vet. In addition an on-site vet will also ensure that any resident cat’s health needs are attended to immediately.

The veterinary centre will be beneficial to CP volunteers and staff too, as they will have the opportunity to learn more about feline vet care in practice, in a busy rescue and adoption facility.

The NCC’s Cat Adoption Centre will be open to the public seven days a week, from 10.00am to 4.00pm, with late night opening on Fridays.
Visitors are welcome.

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