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09:00 - 02 October 2004

A Peterhead family has been reunited with their long-lost cat after she dashed off on a two-year prowl around the north-east.

Fluffy disappeared from her Blue Toon home on Guy Fawkes night in 2002 and not a whisker of her was seen again until last week when she was discovered on a farm nearly 20 miles away.

What she's been up to during this time remains a bit of a mystery, but her owners say they are just pleased to have her home.

The Main family said they never gave up hope of finding their beloved moggy safe and well and they even held on to her toys and basket just in case.

"We're so happy to have her back," said mother-of-three Carolann. "I'd just love to know what she's been up to."

The Mains had Fluffy for a couple of years before she rocketed off on bonfire night, possibly scared by the sound of fireworks.

"She got out of the flat herself and we all thought she would just come back that night," she said.

"But when no one had seen her by the next day, we all began to fear the worst."

Her sons Andrew, 6, Shaun, 12, and Christopher, 14, were all devastated, she said.

"It was really hard on all of us, because Fluffy was like a member of the family."

It was Carolann's sister, Sonja, who heard that a fluffy, black and white cat, wearing a red collar, had been found in Memsie countryside.

"She spotted a notice by the Cats Protection League in Fraserburgh," said Carolann.

"We thought it was a long shot, but was probably worth a look."

The family travelled to New Deer where the cat was recovering at a wildlife sanctuary run by local vet Lawrence Brain.

"There was no doubt it was her," said Carolann. "As soon as Andrew saw her he burst into tears. There was no question that this was our cat."

Fluffy, who is seven years old, was found by a Memsie farmer. She had her paw caught in her collar and had cuts on her side which required 10 stitches.

In the time that Fluffy's been away, the family moved into a house in the town's Dingwall Drive.

"She's gradually finding her way about and is up to her old tricks like diving under blankets. She's still a bit wary of our other cat, Mittens, who she used to be good friends with, but she's slowly getting her confidence back."

The family has decided to keep an extra close eye on Fluffy when Bonfire Night comes around again next month.

Jamie Buchan - Press and Journal