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Puss, where have you been?

REUNITED... Jenny Taylor welcomes Luigi back home.
AFTER her pet cat had been missing for seven months Jenny Taylor had given up all hope of seeing him again.

So she couldn’t believe her eyes when then she saw a familiar black and white face staring back at her through the window.

Luigi had been on the run since April, when he was scared by building work and bolted out of the house. It’s thought he has been living rough ever since– until he finally found his way back home this week.

Jenny and Luigi

Jenny, aged 43, of Stanneybrook Close, Belfield, spent months pining for her pet and feared the 11-year-old must have died.

She said: "I was devastated because to me he was my baby and I slept in the front room with the front and back door open in case he returned.

"I spent three nights walking the streets looking for him and couldn’t eat or sleep for days after. I must have called everyone I knew, including the police, trying to find him."

But she got the early Christmas present she was hoping for when Luigi, a little bedraggled, appeared on her windowsill.

She said: "I’d just opened my curtains and I saw him sat there, looking in and nodding his head as if he was trying to recognise me.

"I couldn’t believe it and was crying and hysterical when I realised it was him. My friend thought I’d gone crazy because she could hear me calling out his name."

Luigi is now back to his former self and Jenny is certain he will not be repeating his adventure.

She said: "He is not going to go out now and he will be on a collar and lead if he does venture out.

"I’m just so glad he’s home and I have to be cruel to be kind because I can’t bear to go through that again."

If you have lost your cat or found a stray cat please visit our other site especially for Lost and Found Cats for advice.