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Curl up with your cat
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Curl Up With Your Cat Every Day

Cats are cuddly every day of the year, make every day a curl up with your cat day.

According to Judy Bernstein, Cats Protection’s Head of Promotions, ‘Curl Up With Your Cat Day’ will help us to discover that we are ‘fe-line great'. Thanks to our cats!

Make every day a pleasant day to simply curl up with a cuddly cat and completely chill out.
Cuddly cats

Cats Protection has created 75 good reasons to curl up with a cat
Here are three of the best:
It’s calming, joyful, pleasurable - and free! Research has shown that stress symptoms are lowest amongst cat owners and highest in non-pet owners.
Cats can help in times of crisis. Sharing your problems with puss could put things back into perspective and help you to find practical solutions to problems.
If you choose to curl up in bed, you could enjoy a better sleep with puss than your partner. Research has shown that 51% of female cat owners aged 20 - 40 felt safer and more comforted with their feline on their bed rather than their partner in their bed.