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Stray American cat 'found wandering in Oxford'

A stray cat that was wandering the streets of Oxford was found to have been registered in the USA when rescuers did a microchip scan on it.

The RSPCA says it has no idea how the cat, nicknamed Jasper, got to Britain, says BBC Online.

And it has been unable to trace Jasper's owners in the USA.

It is now hoping someone will recognise the animal, which was found in Campbell Road in the city.

RSPCA inspector Doug Davidson said Jasper was friendly and 'a good ambassador for the USA'.

He said he had three theories on how he managed to get across the Atlantic.

"The first is that he's a strong swimmer, the second is that he belongs to Americans living in Oxford and the third would be that it was a British family in the USA who adopted him and then brought him back," he said.

Jasper is being looked after at the Firs Cattery in Farmoor until his owners can be traced.