Cats Protection Inverurie
Cats Protection Inverurie & Alford

Cats ProtectionThings to do to help cats in general
Talk to friends about Cats Protection. Maybe they could provide a good home for a cat.
Cats Protection
Encourage owners to have their cat neutered. See Neutering.
Be aware of cats in your neighbourhood so you can identify and report a stray (check it is not just a new resident in your area).
Take direct action to help a cat in trouble or call for advice.
Help our Branch
Volunteers are always required for fund-raising, home visits, transport and fostering.
Items required For Raffles Raffle Prizes
  For Sales For jumble and 'good as new' sales. Good quality clothes, bric a brac, books, craft work, knitted goods, unwanted gifts, wool, toys, gift boxes, jam jars, new toiletries, new cosmetics, plants, baking, sandwiches etc., etc.
  For Cat Care
Cat bedding, cat carriers, new litter trays, new cat food dishes, tins of cat food, biscuits/dry foods, old towels & blankets, sheets & duvet covers, carpet squares.
Foster carers

We need people who are willing to foster cats at their own home.
We need dedicated cat lovers who will look after a cat for a variable length of time.
Your own cat must be vaccinated and ideally should be separated from the foster cat.
Vet bills and food can be provided by the Branch.
If you want a longer term commitment, you might wish to consider putting a pen in your garden!
Read our page on fostering.
Contact Us regarding Fostering

If you have a free day, come to one of our events.
See our events diary.
We need helpers to set up, be there and tidy up after events.
Transporters Can you transport goods to sales or pick up cat food, litter etc. Transporters are also required to take a cat or kitten to the vet or to a new home. A "man with a van" would also be a great asset.
If you can't give any of your time, consider giving a donation to our Branch
bulletSponsorship We have many cats, for one reason or another, have found difficulty in finding homes.
People just love kittens and many older cats do not receive a sideways glance, never mind the offer of a home. Many of our older cats would give years of pleasure to a household if they were given a chance. We have a non destruction policy and therefore the up-keep of our long stay residents, is a serious dent in our finances.
We therefore have a sponsorship scheme in which it is possible to sponsor a cat for a set period of time. The cats put forward for sponsorship have been with us for a long time, they are however always available for homing should the right home come along.
Should you want to sponsor one of our cats we will keep you up to date with its progress. Sponsored Cats make a great gift for Christmas, Anniversaries and Birthdays.
Find out about the cats available for sponsorship.
Click here.
The 100 Club See the 100 Club Page for details.
Contact Us If you wish to help in any way Contact us