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Save a Kitten this Christmas
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This winter, far too many tiny kittens will be abandoned on the streets and left to fend for themselves in the freezing cold. With no food or shelter, they may soon die.

But you can give someone who loves animals an amazing gift this Christmas. Just £30 saves a lost or unwanted kitten from cold and hunger. Cats Protection will give a cat or kitten a safe, warm place to stay until they’re found a loving home. And that's a much better gift than another ugly jumper or novelty socks.

Who are you being thoughtful about?

Ways to Help


Donate Online
To send money directly to help cats in the Inverurie and Alford Areas donate to your local branch of Cats Protection by clicking on the PAYPAL DONATE button at the bottom of the navigation menu on each page. You can donate using any of the major credit cards or via Paypal if you are a Paypal member.

Or send a cheque payable to Cats Protection Inverurie to :-
Cats Protection,
Inverurie Branch,
Newmill Croft
AB53 8BB

or donate to Head Office Cats Protection

Are you stuck for ideas for Christmas gifts for friends and relatives or are there anniversaries where donations to a charity are asked for instead of presents?  The answer is to sponsor our “Golden Oldies” on their behalf.  We will send them a certificate of sponsorship and photographs of some of our “Golden Oldies”. Click here to see some of our oldies.
If interested, please contact Alison on 01467 622259 or fill in our online sponsor form.