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Choosing your cat

Black and White cat

The decision to bring home a new cat or kitten is very exciting - and also a little daunting. But - just where do you find him/her?
In the newspaper, the rescue society or animal shelter, your best friend’s cousin’s farm, or at a prestigious cattery?
Moggie or Maine Coon?
The greatest advantage of purchasing a purebred kitten or cat is that his appearance and, to a lesser degree, his personality, is predictable. It is likely to fit the “mould,” or profile, of that particular breed. You could therefore (and hopefully!) be prepared for your well-bred Siamese to be vocal, mischievous, and demanding of your attention.

Although purebred cats may occasionally be “re-homed” through breed rescue organizations or newspaper ads, pedigree cats are not cheap and if you think that you will recoup the money on selling pedigree kittens then think again, stud fees can be high and you will have to pay extra for a breeding cat, most reputable breeders are not keen on selling "breeding cats" to amateurs.

If there is no particular breed that has won your fancy, and your goal is simply to find a family pet, you might then consider the colourful world of mixed breed kittens and cats. If this is your choice why not come to us and give one of our many needy cats a home this year.
Meme Health
Be sure that the kitten or cat seems to be healthy.
Healthy cats have shiny coats, sparkling eyes and a "joie de vivre".

If one of our cats has a serious health problem we will tell you about it, some cats with problems like diabetes or heart problems can be costly on both time and money and it would be unfair on both you and the cat to keep this from you.

However, mild problems such as parasites can easily be treated.
Is the cat or kitten outgoing and friendly? Is it cowering in the corner? Cats are very like humans, all personalities are catered for.

Seeing a new person for the first time is often rather stressful for some cats, while others lap up the attention.

If you have time and a lot of effort, even the most fearful cats can become lovely pets in the right household. They may never rush up to strangers purring, but they will curl up on your knee and greet you at the door with meows and affection.

Noisy, active households are probably not the ideal environment for fearful kittens and cats; instead, consider the friendly, outgoing kitten or cat, that spotted you the minute you walked in the door and headed straight in your direction.
Ginger kitten
Squeak rehomed as an older cat  approximately 3 years old Older cats
Consider an older cat, all kittens grow into cats anyway at about one year of age.

Older cats often have a lot to offer: they have outgrown the mad kitten stage, they will not chew your plants, knock over your prize heirlooms or swing from your curtains.

They have developed their temperament and what you see is often what you get.
Most of them have no bad habits and are not "problem" cats. Often their owners have had to give them up due to moving house, illness, divorce or even death. We have many older cats who often get left behind when the kitten season starts.
If you choose to come to us to find that treasured new member of your household, we will endeavour to find you the most suitable cat or kitten for your needs. However, the choice is ultimately yours. Who knows - perhaps in spite of all the careful preparation, reams of pro-and-con lists, the reading and talking and Internet searches, your cat will simply turn the corner to find you, and capture your heart.
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If you have any problems with your cat, please contact us for advice without delay. Most difficulties can be solved and the sooner they are tackled, the better for you and your cat. Email us - advice