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A New Cat or Kitten

Cats aare for life!

Thinking about getting a cat?  
Before you acquire a cat you should make sure you can provide it with the following:

bullet A good home with human companionship. Cats although independent, still like a lot of affection and leaving them on their own for a large part of the day can be stressful.
A constant supply of clean drinking water and regular and adequate meals.
bullet Safe access to the outdoors. Cats in busy streets or roads rarely last long. Consider carefully the risks, in order to avoid tragedy. Cats can live quite happily indoors but be prepared for dirty litter trays and the odd moments of madness when they expend all that pent up energy.
bullet A clean and comfortable bed.
bullet Veterinary care when needed. All cats should be vaccinated yearly and should be neutered at an early age to avoid unwanted pregnancies.
They also require regular worming and de-fleaing, especially if they have access to the great outdoors.
If you have any problems with your cat, please contact us for advice without delay. Most difficulties can be solved and the sooner they are tackled, the better for you and your cat.
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