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Why should I have my cat microchipped?

The Chief Executive of Cats Protection said: "Chipping is a valuable aid to our rescue work, as it minimises the distress involved when a pet goes missing. With this new scheme in place, a higher proportion of stray cats will be reunited with their owners, leaving valuable space in Shelters and Branches for unwanted and abandoned pets."
Thousands of owned pets are destroyed each year simply because they lack identification. The Cats Protection only euthanases terminally sick animals, but other organisations do not have the same policy.
Every week people bring us lost and injured pets that have no identification or ring us to tell us that their pet is missing.

Lost : Cats often go missing. It may be for a night, it may be for weeks, it may be forever.
Even if your cat is found, matching up found cats with their owners can be difficult or well-nigh impossible, especially if your cat has strayed far from home.

Stolen : Attractive and valuable animals are stolen to keep or to resell for profit. Microchipping assists the police, in their efforts, to bring criminals to justice.

The best form of identification, and hence the best protection against loss or theft, is a microchip.

A microchip is a tiny computer chip that is injected under the skin of your cat. Each microchip, which measures 14mm by 2mm, has a unique 'number', of which there are a possible 70 trillion combinations. Once in place it cannot be lost, removed or altered for the life of your cat.
"Chipping" is not painful and can cause no harm. Once your pet is microchipped it is registered for life on the Kennel Club's PetLog Database. All pets taken as strays to rescue organisations and vets are scanned for the presence of a microchip - when one is found, a quick call to the Database locates the owners, ensuring a happy reunion.

In our experience, losing a pet can be even more traumatic for the owner than the death of a pet, especially where children are involved. That is why we recommend microchipping as part of our preventative health programme for all cats. Microchip identification is the preferred method of individual animal identification for dogs, cats, and many other species of animals.
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