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Fostering cats and kittens is a very rewarding experience

Seeing a very timid, bedraggled creature go to it's new home looking sleek, healthy and happy is quite a buzz.
Without foster homes, many cats wouldn't have the second, or third, chance that they deserve. So many lovely cats already end up, abandoned on the street, sick, hungry, homeless, or in shelters where their fate is very uncertain. We take on some of these needy cats and take them into our care.
Some Frequently Asked Questions

Will I have to pay for cat food, litter and vet bills?

Are all foster cats feral?

Are all foster cats problem cats?

Is it a lot of hard work?

Will I get very attached to my foster cat?

Are foster cats all adults?

How long will I foster a cat?

Will I have to pay for cat food, litter and vet bills?
No. Cat food and litter can be supplied and if required, all vet bills will be paid for by the branch.

Are all foster cats feral?
No. The majority of the cats/kittens which come into our care have had a pretty rough time of it
BUT most of them, despite the raw deal fate seems to have dealt them, will be friendly, loving, very grateful for our care and no bother at all.
A few will be timid, perhaps hissing and spitting whenever you approach but calm down as they get to know you. A few will be indeed ex-feral cats but these also vary in the degree of 'wildness': these cats are reserved for our experienced foster carers.
If you are new to fostering, we will not provide you with a hissing, spitting, whirling dervish and tell you to get on with it!
We match the cats available to the experience of the foster carer, and for your first experience we will look for the friendliest needy cat around.

Tabitha Are all foster cats problem cats?
No. Most cats come to us through no fault of their own.
Common reasons are:-
Owners have died or gone into care and relatives do not wish to keep the cat/cats involved.
Child allergy, divorce, change of circumstances etc. force the owner to give up their cat.
Lost cats where it has been not possible to find their owner.
Pregnant cats who are thrown out of their homes. Sick cats. Owners can not or will not pay for veterinary care.
Kittens who face destruction.

Is it a lot of hard work?
Fostering is not without work but it is the same as for any pet; you have to give love, attention and care to your foster cat just as you would your own. Through it though, you get the satisfaction of knowing that you are doing your part to help your community, and to help innocent and needy cats.

Daisy and Hector
Will I get very attached to my foster cat?

"Oh, I don't think I could foster. I just couldn't bear to part with any of them, once I have their cute, furry little bodies in my house/my arms/my life."
This sentiment is a frequent response when we ask people whether they would be willing to foster cats for us. It is an honest and valid statement. No matter how long you foster, or how many cats come and go through your loving arms and your wonderful home, there are always times when it is hard to part with a foster cat. But, for foster parents, the parting is bittersweet; bitter because it is a loss, which has to be dealt with, and sweet because the cat they so loved found a loving and permanent home.
Are foster cats all adults?
No. Especially during the summer we are inundated with kittens requiring foster homes, until we can find new owners for them. Kittens are sensitive souls and do well in foster homes where they can receive a lot of attention and can learn the social skills necessary to become a happy, friendly, well-adjusted adult.
Kitten pens are available. These small pens are suitable for keeping a kitten in your house.
Kittens can get up to a lot of mischief and the pen keeps them safe, when you are not available to keep an eye on them.
How long will I foster a cat?
This is very variable from a few days to a few months depending on the cat, the circumstances and whether we can find a suitable home. If you can only foster for a set length of time, that is no problem, we can easily arrange for your foster cat to go to one of our other carers. We are very grateful for any help, even if it is only for a short time.
If you think you could give a temporary home to a cat/kitten and you live in the North East of Scotland please contact one of the following :-

Contact us
Cathy on 01888 511331
or Contact us

Neutering deals may be available.

If you cannot foster but would like to help in other ways please read our Help page.

View some of our 'ex-foster' cats on the Gallery pages.