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Cat Facts

In 5 years, one unneutered female cat can be responsible for 20,000 descendants. A female cat can start to reproduce from six months old and have up to three litters a year with five or six kittens per litter.

Male cats are fertile as early as six months old and each can impregnate hundreds of female cats every year.
Get your cat neutered

Unless you plan to breed from a pedigree cat, it is essential to have your cat neutered at an early age to prevent further breeding.
Many owners often say they love their cat so much they would like to let her have just one litter. They often have homes lined up for the kittens and therefore they justify to themselves that they have done the right thing. They have, however denied good homes to kittens and cats already born. Most female queens get worn out nursing kittens and pregnancy itself is not without danger. Neutering is however a simple procedure with very little risk to your cat.
A neutered cat is healthier, happier and more affectionate and undoubtedly will have a longer life.

Why I should have my cat neutered ?


to prevent unwanted kittens.
to prevent a womb infection (pyometra).
to reduce the tendency to develop Mammary Tumours (Breast Cancer) .
to stop her calling and wailing every time she comes into season.
to stop attracting tomcats and their familiar smell to your house.
to prevent unwanted kittens.
to stop him roaming and getting hit by a car.
to prevent him fighting and picking up feline aids virus or feline leukaemia.
to stop him spraying in your house or annoying the neighbours with tomcat smells.

There are no undesirable side effects of neutering or spaying. Neutered cats do not become fat and lazy as some people would claim. The positive benefits are that neutered cats whether male or female are content and healthier, more home loving and do not have the tendency to fight.
Spaying and neutering are simple, safe and cost effective ways to promote and protect the healthy life of domestic cats.

Voucher Scheme
If you are on a low income, you will qualify for our voucher scheme, vouchers are available all year round to the value of £20 for female cats and £15 for males. Special deals are available for colonies.

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