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Cat Flu

Black and White cat

The shocking reality of Cat Flu.

Here are 3 kittens from the same litter. One of our helpers collected them after hunting for hours in a shed piled high with miscellaneous items. She was so glad she found them because as you can see they were suffering from cat flu which had caused one of Hughie's eyes to have ulcers on it. The ulcers had burst the actual eye, and Karen rushed Hughie to the vets where he had to have the eye removed. Not only this but his eye became infected and he was on a massive amount of antibiotics to try to help him. Louie also had bad eyes and one had to be removed a few days later. Douie (only one with 2 eyes) is pictured shaking off cat flu but all three needed lots of TLC until they were well enough to be homed. They were extremely lucky to survive, others are not.

Vaccination against cat flu is extremely effective and safe. If your cats are not vaccinated please consult your vet as soon as possible to prevent your cat or others in the neighbourhood from suffering from this highly contagious and often fatal disease.

On a lighter note see the beautiful cat that Hughie, now called Jerry has grown into. Click here