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Hurricane Katrina Update - click here
Appeal - Urgently needed. Fosterers for needy cats in the Inverurie and Alford areas.
Cats are SMARTER than JACK - a new book created in partnership with Cats Protection.
Study on why cats attack - click here
Remember Remember..... The firework season is upon us again.
Photographic Competition 2005 - Has your cat got star quality?
Tips for Cool Cats - how to keep cats comfortable in the summer months.
Cats and Birds - Cats Protection’s statement in response to RSPB findings on cats and collars
Cat owners warned of lily's fatal touch - the dangers of the lily family of plants
Results of the Cats Protection Photographic competition 2004 - Click here
New sub-species of tiger found - Click Here
The Scottish Wild cat is an endangered species - Click here
Take a look - they may not be here much longer - MORE than 3,000 animals and plants will be added to the Red List of Endangered Species in November 2004
£1bn bill to keep pets purring - Click Here
New Sugarmums - advice for owners of diabetic cats
Dogs take on a fox to save their moggy pal - Click Here
Puss, where have you been? - Click Here
Endangered Cheetahs - Click Here
Victims of abuse pets - Foster care for pets lets victims of abuse escape to new life
Pet rescue sanctuary fire trauma - Click Here
Purrfect Landing - Click Here
Puss in Boots - movie favourite
Inverurie lad saves cat from tree - in Romania
Allergy Free GM cats - GM Engineered Allergy Free Cats for £5,400 Each
Ely Cat homes at bursting point - Click Here
The 'Catkins' Diet - Fidget the cat
Feed our cats this Xmas - How you can Help
Dumped in a Ditch - A one year old cat and her three kittens
Keep your Cat Safe After a horrific spell of cruelty against cats: ways to help keep your cat safe.
Men and Cats It’s official! Purring puss cats enhance men’s pulling power, and bring out their caring fe-line side!
Tigers in Danger - The illicit trade in tiger and leopard skins in Asia is spiralling out of control.
New National Cat Centre Cats Protection opens the UK’s largest Cat Adoption Centre at its new National Cat Centre
Fluffy home after two-year prowl Click Here
Big cat sighting in Kingswells Click Here
Cat survives washing machine - Click Here
Stray American cat 'found wandering in Oxford' Click Here
Cat attacks pilot. Click here
Lulu the kangaroo wins award. Click Here
Fat Cat - on diet
Long Distance Traveller 2004 - Houston
Government 'sympathetic' to dog and cat fur import ban - Click Here
Out of Work Mousers Looking for Rural Employment Opportunities.
Cats Protection is currently offering the purr-fect solution to rural businesses and individuals suffering from ongoing rodent problems.
Read about it here.
Curl up with your Cat
Make every day a "Curl up with your Cat" Day
Curl up here
Cat Protection Week
Sweet Dreams For Young And Stressed Cat-Owners During Cats Protection Week. Do you prefer your cat to your partner in bed? 51% of women seem to think so!
Read about a new survey.
FIV Vaccine
Scientists have found a vaccine to prevent the spread of the feline form of HIV in cats and believe it shows a human vaccine is possible.Click here
100 Club
As a charity we rely heavily on fund-raising to keep on top of food and vets bills incurred during the year.
One part of the fund-raising is the 100 Club which we hope will help raise some much needed money. Each month a draw takes place to pick three winners, with prizes of £15, £10 and £5 for first, second and third places.
The 100 Club runs from September to August each year and in the past has proved a successful way to raise additional funds.
See our 100 club page for details of how to join and view this months winners.
Calendar of Events
We have drawn up a calendar of events for the coming year; some dates have yet to be finalised but check our
events diary. Hope to see you there!
Pet Allergy
We often get cats returned because of allergies. Read about some new research on the subject. Click here
See our Lost and Found page for information on what you can do if you have lost or found a cat.
News See our new site for Lost and Found Cats - Cats Reunited
One-eyed Jack Click here
Turner used painting as a cat flap Click Here